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Shared Hope International [case study]

Shared Hope International [case study]

Integrating Salesforce CRM with WordPress, Gravity Forms & Mailchimp

The Client

Shared Hope International — Anti-trafficking NGO based in the United States.

The Problem

The client needed to link their new CRM (Salesforce) with their current CMS (WordPress). Additionally, they needed to integrate Salesforce with their donation form builder (GravityForms) and their email marketing client (Mailchimp).

The Solution

We provided end-to-end guidance, strategic planning and pin-point execution with minimal organizational interruptions to accomplish these crucial integrations.

We used a few third-party plugins for the job: Salesforce Web to Lead Plugin for WordPress and Mailchimp for Salesforce.  UTM parameters (i.e. source attribution data) was programmed to be carried into Salesforce with each new lead, assisting the client’s efforts at re-marketing and cultivating new donors.

Finally, all user actions were synced between systems, ensuring no duplicative information was entered and that marketing efforts could be continued as normal as the we worked.

The Results

We successfully linked the the client’s web forms and email marketing with Salesforce. The client can now very easily track and make strategic marketing decisions based on user actions across platforms.

Because of our efforts, the client saved hundreds of hours of labor which were previously needed for staff to channel crucial information between platforms.

The bottom line: The client now has a streamlined way to communicate with  leads (donors, one-time or returning supporters, etc) via email, phone, SMS and direct mail.

>> See a live version of the donation form in action

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